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STO Lotusan Coating Aplication


Hundreds of thousands of square feet of custom coatings applied.  We go further than just applying the coatings.  We combine continued education, experience with specialty coatings and the ability to access the manufacture's chemists. To find what products work best for the application  and the reasons why.

This has helped us become the go to company when things get difficult.  When Fairbanks Moorse Engines needed 44k foot of epoxy removed, repaired and polished, they called us.  When Rivercrest Condo Association needed 36k foot of EIFS re-coated we were called.  When a hotel needed a Fluid Applied Vapor Air Barrier installed on 18k foot we were there.  A customer needed a green way to remove semi-transparent oil based stain off his cedar siding for a re-coat.  We not only had the project corn cob blasted but applied the entire job through the middle of winter with our in house tenting and heating equipment!

With our knowledge and experience of many different coatings combined with our ability to make repairs needed before and during the project we will keep your building preforming  with low maintenance for many years.


Corn Cob Blasting off Stain,  Apply new Oil Based Semi-Transparent Stain



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